30 Oct 2014

Our Vow Renewal!

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Calla Lilies Ordered:

-80 Off-white/Ivory Mini Calla Lilies Xtra tall, 19-24 inches tall
-30 Hot Pink Mini Calla Lilies Xtra tall, 19-24 inches
-20 Mini Callas Wedding Sample Pack (15-16 inches tall) included,  5 Hot Pink, 5 Offwhite, 5 Stems Grower’s Choice, 5 Stems Grower’s

Wedding Location: NC

Hi guys and gals at Pacific Callas!

I’m finally getting around to sending you pictures of the beautiful callas I purchased from you last year for our Vow Renewal on September 7, 2013 in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  We live in Winston Salem NC and I was fraught with anxiety about how I should handle the delivery of my callas.  I decided to have them delivered to our home on the day we were leaving for the beach (September 5th).  I was so worried that the callas wouldn’t be delivered on time…and that I’d have no time to ready them for transport.  You guys were great!!  We worked together to ensure the delivery would be as scheduled…you even called to make sure.  And you gave me all the informations (ahead of time) that I needed to prepare the callas and how to transport them.
I really enjoyed making my own hand-tied calla lily bouquets and boutonnieres!  I made mine so large that I could barely hold it!!  As you can see from the rest of the pictures, I’m a DIY kinda gal.  I designed and made every piece of our decorations…from authentic fish netting over tablecloths, melting/dyeing/pouring candle wax into real shells, making every single bow, to the tiniest detail of crystal beads wired onto the food tongs.
 Thanks again for your great customer service and absolutely supreme quality callas!!  I have recommended you to everyone…
Michele and Pete Grahl
07 Feb 2014

Classy red centerpieces

Real Customer Testimonials

Calla Lilies Ordered:

50 Black/purple Mini Calla Lilies Premium height, 12-14 inches tall
75 Stems Sexy Red Roses 60cm,

Wedding Location: Weston, FL

Thank you very much for your flowers and service!

07 Feb 2014

Green and Eggplant, Elegant Combination!

Real Customer Testimonials

Calla Lilies Ordered:

50 Purple Mini Calla Lilies, 19-25 inches tall,

Wedding Location: Roseville, CA

Truly, you are FANTASTIC!

When I started to plan my wedding, I went through Google pictures and came across a picture of a bouquet of purple calla lillies.  The flower became the theme, colors (green and eggplant) and elegant mood of my wedding.  We had our wedding at home, casual, yet elegant.  It was perfect.  And, during wedding planning we’re always worried about something going wrong… well, everything went right with the flowers.  At first, when I went to order flowers, my friends said, just buy some at Home Depot or online at a florist, but none of the flowers I saw were the right color, size or freshness!!!  They were all EXPENSIVE!!  I went back to the picture on Google I originally fell in love with and realized there was a website linked to the picture!!!  I went to the site and thought, “Well, let’s see what the cost is and take a gamble.”  BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!  They replied ‘immediately’ and not only reassured me that they got my order but said they were concerned about getting them on time.  They recommended shipping them a day earlier than I had requested.  I was worried whether they would be fresh and they said ‘Don’t worry! Our flowers last a long time!’  They were right.  The flowers got here in plenty of time.  I kept them in the cool garage in their same box and didn’t touch them until wedding day when my girlfriend simply wrapped them up with ribbon and wax paper under the ribbon.  They were fresh, sturdy and beautiful.  Absolutely like the picture.  They lasted for TWO WEEKS!!!!  It was heartbreaking to have to throw them away.  I am luckily ordering a few bulbs from them so I will always have them in our yard.  Thank you so much Pacific Callas! Your flowers were the one thing that I didn’t have to worry about, and truly made my wedding perfectly elegantly special.

16 Jan 2014

Mardi Gras Wedding!

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Calla Lilies Ordered:

10 Medium Size White Calla Lilies 15-20 inches tall
50 Purple/cream Mini Calla Lilies, 15-19 inches tall

Wedding Location: Battle Ground, WA

Hello there!
I am the bride and I wanted to thank you for my beautiful flowers (my theme was Mardi Gras hence the masks).  I just wanted to say that to start off customer service was wonderful! The flowers arrived on time and not a single scratch on the flowers (I was a little worried with them being shipped). I myself had a bouquet of off white calla lilies, they matched my dress beautifully, and were just the right touch of elegance and beauty. All my bridesmaids had white calla lilies with purple centers and they all looked so lovely in my ballroom setting. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the service and beauty of your company and would recommend you highly.
Thanks so much for your special touch on my special day,
Miranda Terry


06 Jan 2014

Beautiful Colors!

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Calla Lilies Ordered:

-150 Yellow/Orange Mini Calla Lilies

Wedding Location: Camden, DE

I am thoroughly impressed with Pacific Callas! We had originally decided to order Calla’s from a different company and as the event drew nearer, they were unable to provide the colors that we had already planned our entire wedding around. Very nervously, I ordered from Pacific Calla’s two weeks before my event, praying that they would make it to Maryland in perfect condition and that we wouldn’t be without flowers on our wedding day. To my total satisfaction, they delivered exactly what was promised, when it was promised! With the help of the tutorials on their website, i was able to create beautiful flower arrangements that complimented our wedding. I would highly recommend this company!

13 Dec 2013

Colorful and Elegant Wedding!

Real Customer Testimonials

This is a vendor that not only would I use again, but I would refer to anyone who is interested in Calla Lillies.  They arrived perfectly on time and most importantly were packaged carefully so the stems and flower heads were not damaged in any way.  Upon arrival they were unpacked and placed in water which truly brought them to life.  It was very apparent that these were freshly cut and shipped within hours of coming  off the original plants.  We were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful colors and flowers for a week after the wedding. Peter was very helpful in discussing the options, colors and sizes of his inventory options, and he was right on target for our goal.

Dustey L Kirley

04 Dec 2013

Mini calla lilies vs. large calla lilies?

Calla Lily Tips

One of the most common questions that we get from our brides is: Should I go with mini calla lilies or large white calla lilies? Hopefully the above video will assist in giving  you a visual of the right size calla lilies for your wedding, but if that’s not enough, here are a few bullet points:

Mini Calla Lilies
– Grow in all colors (except blue, sorry)
– Perfect size for bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages
– Stems are thin, about the diameter of a pencil or a straw and are flexible
– Although it depends a lot on personal opinion, we think that a bouquet of 15 to 20 mini calla lilies is perfect for bridesmaids and 20-30 for the bride. Some brides choose a minimalistic look of 5-7 mini calla lilies for the maids and 10-15 for the bridal bouquet, so its really a matter of choice. A bouquet of 40 mini callas is really the max though. Any more and it won’t fit into your hands!

Large Calla Lilies
– Grow only in the following colors: White, Green, Light Pink, Pink & White swirl
– Great for bouquets and centerpieces. A little on the large side for boutonnieres on corsages, although it can be done if you’re ok with larger body flowers!
– Stems are thick and sturdy, similar to celery stalk
– Our favorite bouquets for bridesmaids have 8-10 large callas and for brides 15-20. You won’t be able to comfortably hold more than 25 large calla lilies in a bouquet.

More questions? Just ask, we’re here to help!


04 Dec 2013

Calla lily video tutorial: How to make a calla lily boutonniere

Calla Lily Video Tutorials

Calla lilies make the most perfect boutonnieres! They are just the right size, come in all colors, and are sturdy enough to withstand whatever the groomsmen may do with them. Making your own diy calla lily boutonniere is surprisingly quick and simple. Knowing that boutonnieres can run anywhere from $10-30 a piece, making your own is a pretty easy way to trim the budget. Although it may look difficult to create when you are seeing the finished product, really there’s very little that a first-time boutonniere diy-er can do wrong. All you need are some gorgeous and fresh mini calla lilies, a plan and the rest will take care of itself!

21 Nov 2013

Stunning Fall Colors!

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Calla Lilies Ordered:

-150 Orange/Rust Mini Calla Lilies

-50 Black/purple Mini Calla Lilies

Wedding Location: Raymond, NH
I Wanted to send along some photos of the callas we ordered from our wedding. They turned out beautiful, as we had expected.  We had ordered  orange mini callas, and black plum mini callas. The orange ones were used for the reception decor, and the plum ones for the bridal bouquet.  The bridal bouquet ended up having 49 stems, as we used one for the groom’s boutonniere.
Overall  we were pleased with the quality, service, price and delivery time.

Thank you again

21 Nov 2013

Beautiful Calla Lilies in Owatonna!

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Calla Lilies Ordered: 100 Medium Size White calla lilies

Wedding Location: Arvada, CO

Hello! Sorry I forgot to write a review, so here it goes:My experience with pacific calla lilies was a very positive one! Due to high temperatures, the flowers I wanted were not available, but they worked with me and gave me the same flowers, only a size up for the same price! And they ended up being beautiful!! I was really happy with the quality of the flowers and service and would totally recommend this company for your wedding.

Kelli Nibbe